Travel Lodging

Travel Lodging | Guesthouse On Story | Louisville, KY | (502) 822-3335

We offer 5 guest rooms with their own private baths and 2 guest rooms with a shared bath. We can accommodate up 18 guests. For a better option than the motel and hotel chains for your trip, look no further than our guest home which is available for overnight stays and business trips and group outings and events.

As the operator of the best inn in the surrounding area, we have serviced all types of clients who are on different types of trips, and we have been able to satisfy all of their needs. Our travel packages are flexible and diverse enough to offer any nomadic individual the accommodation that they desire for their trip.

Our ability to personalize your stay will make you feel at home and comfortable no matter what kind of journey you are on.

If you would like to find out more about the travel lodging options available at Guesthouse On Story, stop by our guest home today.

Business Address:

1417 Story Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

Please contact Kim or Kate Lesak at

Business Hours

Monday - Sunday by appointment only

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